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Have you ever thought of a date with the silver screen actress who is spending her evening with you. No? But yes, it is possible with us. We at our agency had a huge list of celebrity escorts in our group. Of course these celebrities are not available at any time due to their busy time schedule, but if given a proper time gap and understanding them. The celebrities girls are same like us but they cannot meet us in an easily accessible public place. they are available in the high class 5 class or 7 class star resorts / hotels at a very unique place.

Below are I am going to share a real experience with an celebrity escorts that was with me some 3 years back.

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Life Time Experience with an Celebrity Escort in Goa

Myself Sidharth, I am a businessman who has to travel a lot in and out India of and on. Once I had a chance to stay in Goa for more than 4 weeks. My work schedule was very tight and I started daily in the morning at 8 am and in the night it goes up to 12 in the night or even late and then again awake in the morning at the regular time. So really I was getting very upset and very tired of all these things.

Once a day there was Saturday, as I was doing my work at my office with one of my colleague, who was a local to Goa asked what you do in the weekends as he already saw me working day and night and nothing charm was there in my life. He offered me a party night out, i jumped on his idea. Anyways he told me that he will tell me about the plan the following day.

I went to my apartment that day and as i was just retiring in my room and my bed, suddenly a bell rang many times. I was not in a mood to open the door but as it was continuously ringing, i stood up immediately in an aggressive mood and as soon as I opened the door, I saw a stunning, nasty, gorgeous girl standing in front of me. I was astonished at this sight and forgot everything. I just stood there and was viewing her that she asked, Hello Sidharth, How are you. Your friend has sent me to have a party night with you. I was amazed as she said this. I was like i am in heaven and she is a princess standing in front of me.

Anyway, I asked her to come in and close the door. She came in and sat down in the living room. I was having enough stock in my house so offered her wine and yes she took that without any hesitation. We both started taking the drinks and didn't know when out talk began and started formally to informal conversation. The girl was no doubt made specifically by the Potter. Her each body part was specially designed. Her Boobs were very sharp and heavy probably their size were 36"". On looking on her waist, It was so thin that i could take in one hand, Her ass was much heavy. She also noticed me viewing her assets. So after asking me where is wash room, she went to the wash room and after some time she came back, Oh my God, She has removed her all cloths and just worn a big towel on her boobs and nothing else on her body. I took up a courage and invited her to join in my bedroom. After coming in the bedroom, my confidence regained the power and i immediately kissed on her cheek.

Just after that I don’t know what happened, when she removed my and her clothes, when we kissed each other on each body from top to bottom and when the final verdict of sexual game started, I am unable to tell that, As my penis was rolling up and down in her ass, she asked to put my penis in her mouth. i just put my cock in her mouth and I don’t know how much she sucked my cocked, and took my all cum inside her. We enjoyed this full night and as next day was Sunday, I had no worry of early waking; we slept and woke up at nearly 12 in the morning. Again in the morning, we started sex, sex and sex and after that we were much hungry, so we had a heavy brunch and after that again one session of sex. Alas, the time came when she said that I have to go now. I didn't want to let her go but what can I do. Anyways, she left over; we shared our contact numbers and promised to meet again very soon.

Next day, when I reached my office, I was full of extra energy and I was very thankful to my colleague for that wonderful and awesome evening and night.

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